Biomorphological characteristics of Veronica aphylla L.

M.áHelesh, A.áProkopiv

Ivan Franko National University of Lviv
44, Tcheremshyna St., Lviv 79014, Ukraine

The structure and morphogenesis Veronica aphylla L. shoot system in terms of seasonal development were investigated. The two different types of shoots ľ vegetative polycyclic and generative monocyclic ľ with different morpho-functional features were discovered. V. aphylla is likely to form rosette shoots combined with long rhizomes, which emphasizes it narrow adaptation for growth on special areas. The life form of V. aphylla (wintergreen hemi˝ryptofite with signs of hamefite) and the monopodial-rosette model were determined. The V. aphylla ways to adapt for growth conditions were discovered and the causes of vulnerability of species were identified.

Keywords: Veronica aphylla L., biomorphology, shoot system

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