The role of pedoturbatsionnaya activity of greater mole rat (Spalax microphthalmus) in determining the structure of the soil cover

T. Kolombar1, O. Pakhomov1, A. Zhukov2

1Oles Honchar National University of Dnipropetrovsk
72, Gagarin Ave., Dnipropetovsk 49010, Ukraine
2Dnipropetrovsk State Agrarian University
25,Voroshylov St., Dnipropetovsk 49600, Ukraine

The results of studying the influence of burrowing Greater mole rat activity on aggregate composition and the electrical conductivity of the soil. Found that the greater mole rat pedoturbatsionnaya activity leads to a redistribution of soil separate entities, thus changes the structure of the soil. It is noted that the characteristic feature of the digging activity is to increase agronomically valuable aggregates 17 mm size fractions. Changes in the physical and chemical properties of the soil under the influence of burrowing activity of greater mole rats lead to a change in the electrical conductivity of the soil.

Keywords: pedoturbatsionnaya activity, aggregate composition of soils, electric conductivity

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