Content and distribution of organic carbon in cultural biogeocenosis of the tree plantation on steppe an industrial area

V. Savosko

Kryvyi Rih Educational Institute
State Institution of Higher Education «Kryvyi Rih National University»
54, Gagarin Ave., Kryvyi Rih 50086, Ukraine

Experimental calculation method revealed that stocks of organic carbon in artificial tree stands central Rih are 30–100 kg/m2. The main carbon’s pool is concentrated in soils (80–95%) and wood (5–20%). It is shown that the level of organic carbon stocks in artificial tree plantation dependence from age, and conditions affecting vegetation growth and size distribution of soil. Accumulation of organic carbon in artificial tree plantations at Kryvyi Rih ore mining region should be considered an important factor in the regulation of carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere of the region.

Keywords: carbon pool, cultural biogeocoenoses of the tree plantations, Kryvyi Rih ore mining region

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