Morphological features of plants of the genus Ficus L. (Moraceae) in relation to their taxonomy and the interactions with insects

Y. Sosnovsky

Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Botanical Garden
44, Cheremshyna St., Lviv 79014, Ukraine

The article contains a review of the studies on the taxonomy of the genus Ficus, its morphological features, and the interactions with insects. The importance of micro-morphological and anatomical characters of Ficus vegetative organs as diagnostic features at the level of infrageneric taxa was analysed. The attempt was made to find the relation between host specificity of insect consorts of Ficus and morphoanatomical features of the latter as well as their taxonomy. Such a relation was shown to exist between Ficus and its insect pollinators, which have mutualistic relationships between each other. Meanwhile, lack of the data does not make it possible to detect such relation for herbivorous arthropods associated with Ficus vegetative organs.

Keywords: Ficus taxonomy, diagnostic features, micromorphology, herbivorous insect assemblages, specificity

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