Methods to study the dynamics biofilm-formation of opportunistic bacteria

O. Sidashenko, O. Voronkova, O. Sirokvasha, A. Vinnikov

Oles Gonchar National Unisversity of Dnipropetrovsk
72, Gagarin Ave., Dnipropetrovsk 49000, Ukraine

The data of the literature are described which concerns the structural and functional characteristics of the biofilm, as consorcium with complex level of organization. The review describes the methods that are currently used to study biofilms: confocal laser scanning (CLSM), scanning electron (SEM) and cryo-transmissible (TEM) microscopy. An information about the structural components, formation stages and extracellular matrix biofilm significance are presented. The role of Quorum sensing in biofilm formation is describes. It is the significance of persisters in biofilm to environmental factors are disclosed. It is known that bacteria included in the biofilm are more resistant to host immune system and antibiotics.

Keywords: biofilm, extracellular matrix, Quorum sensing, persisters

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