Changes of speed-power parameters of m. gastrocnemius in alcohol intoxicated rats under the experimental inducted vascular ischemia

O. Melnychuk, A. Motuziuk, S. Shvayko

Eastern European National University named after Lesia Ukrainka
13, Volya Āve., Lutsk 43025, Ukraine

In the article are highlighted the results of tensometric investigations of speed-power con-traction parameters of ischemic m. gastrocnemius (cap. lat.) in alcohol intoxicated rats. The research of contractile characteristics was conducted in isometric mode under modulated stimulation during experimentally induced vascular ischemia. It was found that m. gastrocnemius (cap. lat.) in alcohol intoxicated rats can not develop maximum titanic force and keep stable level up. There fore in ischemic m. gastrocnemius (cap. lat.) of alcohol intoxicated rats the stable maintenance force period is decreased in comparison with non-alcoholic. It is shown the synergistic relationship between alcohol-caused myofibrillar atrophy and compression-ischemic muscle degeneration in maximum power output limiting.

Keywords: skeletal muscle, tetanic force, vascular ischemia, alcohol-intoxication

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