PCR-analysis of promoter area Ppd-B1 gene in tetraploid wheat spacies T. Turgidum, T. Polonicum, T. Carthlicum

A. Muterko, I. Balashova, Yu. Sivolap

Plant Breeding and Genetics Institute National Center of Seed and Cultivar Investigation
3, Ovidiopolska Road, Odessa 65036, Ukraine

The photoperiod insensitive of wheat is defined by allelic states of genes the Ppd-1 system. The DNA-marker for identification of haplogroup, haplotypes and mutations in promoter area Ppd-B1 gene has been proposed. By method of bioinformatic analysis on combination of mutants and intact alleles to respectively haplotypes have been defined. Inter-alleles associations and the phylogenetic structure of haplotypes has been studied. Is investigated of promoter area Ppd-B1 gene by PCR-analysis in 58 accessions of tetraploid wheat: T. turgidum, T. polonicum and T. carthlicum from 36 countries have been analysed. Haplogroup and spread frequency of haplotypes in species are investigated was defined.

Keywords: tertaploid wheat, Ppd-B1 gene, PCR analysis, haplotypes, phylogeny

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