Mortality of amphibians in railroad drainage system and the ways of its minimization

O. Reshetylo

Ivan Franko National University of Lviv
4, Hrushevskyi St., Lviv 79005, Ukraine

Transport infrastructure fragmenting environment results in high animal mortality, mainly amphibians, on the transport communications where they meet migration barriers. One of the poorly known aspects is negative influence of widespread railroad drainage system on number and migration ability of amphibian populations. The investigations aiming estimation of the influence of drainage system on amphibians before and after the installation of several types of protective constructions on almost 50 km section of E20 railroad in Poland were held out during 200809. The results show the obvious effectiveness of the installed constructions as they decrease the presence of amphibians in the drainage troughs in three times. Perpendicular and pipe types of the protective constructions were found to have the best protective effect over the other types of constructions.

Keywords: amphibians, migrations, drainage troughs, barrier effect, protective constructions

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