The influence of anthropogenic pollution on the plastid pigments content of small-leaved linden leaves (Tilia cordata L.)

N. Glibovytska

Vasyl Stefanik Precarpathian National University
201, Galytska St., Ivano-Frankivsk 76008, Ukraine

The peculiarities of changes of plastid pigment content in Tilia cordata L. leaf plates in different conditions of anthropogenic impact were investigated. The relation between the concentration of photosynthetic pigments in small-leaved linden leaves and their morphometric parameters was detected. The effect of heavy metals on the type’s assimilation system state was established. The perspective of Tilia cordata L. as a bioindicator in monitoring studies to assess the state of the environment under urbotechnogenic pressure was grounded.

Keywords: Tilia cordata L., plastid pigments, morphometric parameters, heavy metals, anthropogenic pollution

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