Autecological features of species of the genus Hemerocallis L. in conditions of Kryvyi Rih

T. Chipilyak

Botanical Garden of Kryvyi Rih NAS of Ukraine
50, Marshak St., Kryvyi Rih 50089, Ukraine

Considered phases of ontogeny of some species of daylily in the conditions of Kryvyi Rih, and differences in timing of the beginning of a virginal and the generative age-related conditions from similar in the conditions of natural areas. Autecologìcal features of daylilies under the influence of pollution is changing of biorhythms of the development, weight of seeds, biometric indexes of embryo, fertility of pollen and anatomical characteristics of leaves. The established features indicate rather wide ecological plasticity of representatives of a sort.

Keywords: Hemerocallis L., phases of ontogeny, pollution, seeds, pollen fertility, leaf Ónatomy

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