Autecological responses of cereal crops for the copper salts action

E. Tkach, M. Vakerich, V. Nikolaychuk, V. Yanochko

Uzhgorod National University
32, Voloshyn St., Uzghorod 88000,Ukraine

Depending on a concentration heavy metals are not only toxic, but necessary elements for normal growth and development of vegetable organism. We investigated the effects of pre-treatment of water solutions of copper sulphate in different concentrations: on development of seeds of winter wheat varieties Vdala, oat seed varieties Chernihivskiy 27, and also corn Titan SV 220. During the probed work we observed both inhibitory and stimulatory effects on the growth and development of crops, copper sulfate, depending on the dose which sets in to the vegetable organism.

Keywords: autecology, heavy metals, copper sulphate, phytotoxicity

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