Chromate- and sulfate-ions reduction by sulphate-reducing bacteria Desulfomicrobium sp. CrR3 under the influence of various organic compounds – environmental pollutants

K. Sholiak, S. Hnatush, T. Peretyatko, S. Gudz

Ivan Franko National University of Lviv
4, Hrushevskyi St., Lviv 79005, Ukraine

It was investigated the influence of different organic compounds, which caused environmental pollution, on reduction of sulfate ions and formation of hydrogen sulfide by chrome-resistant sulfate-reducing bacteria Desulfomicrobium sp. CrR3. It has been shown that under the presence of hydroquinone, glyphosate, casein, alkil sulfo-acid, oil and sorbic acid in the growth medium bacteria did not show any growth. Slight accumulation of biomass and usage of sulfate ions with formation of hydrogen sulfide were observed under addition of starch, whey, nipagin and palmitate into the growth medium. Complete reduction of Cr (VI) at the concentration of 0.25 mM was observed under the presence of glucose, sodium malate, pyruvate, fructose, sodium citrate. Gradual increasing of Cr (VI) concentrations caused its reduction and inhibition of bacterial growth.

Keywords: organic compounds, chromå-resistant sulphate-reducing bacteria, Cr (VI)-reduction, SO42--reduction

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