The spatial organization of cenopopulations of Scilla siberica Haw. and Gladiolus tenuis M. Bieb. under the different ecocenotic conditions on floodplain of Psyol river

S. Belan

Sumy National Agrarian University
160/5, G.†Kondratjev St., Sumy 40021, Ukraine

The results of researched cenopopulations parameters of two rare species Scilla siberica (Hyacinthaceae) and Gladiolus tenuis (Iridaceae) under conditions on floodplain of Psyol River (Sumy region) have been given in this article. The area of population space, the number of individuals in population, populationís density and the type of the plants distribution were researched. It was found that parameters of cenopopulations of S.†siberica are depend on the ecocenotic conditions and impact of pests. The cenopopulations with high values of its parameters are under floodplain-forest conditions. Cenopopulations with damaged plants by pests have small populationís area, low population size (number of individuals) and population density. The most favorable for the cenopopulations of G.†tenuis is annual grass mowing on the floodplain meadows of the Psyol River. In these conditions the cenopopulations of G.†tenuis have large areas of populations space, high number of plants and density of individuals in populations. All populations have contagious type of individualís distribution.

Keywords: cenopopulation, Scilla siberica, Gladiolus tenuis

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