Biochemical genetic studies of slugs and self-fertilizationís (automixis) problem

T. Chernyshova

National Agroecological University of Zhytomyr
7, Staryi Blvd., Zhytomyr 10008, Ukraine

The review article summarizes recent literature data on studies of the genetic structure of some slug familiesí populations (Arionidae, Philomycidae and Limacidae) by biochemical gene marking (electrophoresis and polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis). It was found that investigating species of the Arionidae family were rather genetically monomorphic. The genetic structure of populations and methods of Limacidae family reproduction remain virtually unexplored. In Ukraine, these studies were conducted to reveal the genetic structure of populations and methods of reproduction of the Limax genus four species: L.†maximus, L.†sinereoniger, L.†flavus and L.†ecarinatus.

Keywords: slugs, allozymic ranges, electrophoresis

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