Expression of gene encoding murine interferon alpha in Escherichia coli cells

V. Dotsenko, S. Rybalko, M. Obolenska

Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics
150, Zabolotnyi St., Kyiv 143, Ukraine
Institute of Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases of L. Gromashevsky
5, Amosov St., Kyiv 038, Ukraine

The goal of this study was to produce recombinant mouse IFNA11 in soluble form escaping the procedure of its refolding and maximally preserving its physiological activity. The mouse Ifna11 was cloned into the pET-24a(+) vector and expressed in E. coli. The identity of IFNA was confirmed by antiviral activity test. The optimization of the temperature of cultivation and percentage of glucose in the medium has given a maximal output of soluble IFNA 35 mg per L.

Keywords: murine interferon alpha, protein production, procedure optimization, E. coli expression system

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