Ex situ storage features of cultured Apiaceae

╬. Zadorozhna, T. Shyyanova

Plant Production Institute nd. a.V. Ya. Yuriev, NAAS of Ukraine
142, Moskovskyi Ave., Kharkiv 61060, Ukraine

The investigations of some cultured Apiaceae: Pastinaca sativaáL., Petroselinum crispum (Mill.)áNyman ex A. W. Hill, Apiumágraveolens L. var.árapaceumá(Mill.) DC., Daucus carota subsp.occidentalis Setch., Anethum graveolens L., Foeniculum vulgare L. seed storage ex situ have been carried out. Seeds of all species except Pastinaca sativa were storage under low temperature and low positive temperature satisfactorily about 10 years and more. The best storage ability among studed Apiaceae demonstrate Foeniculum vulgare ˛Ó Anethum graveolens seeds. Pastinaca sativa, Daucus carota seeds is necessary to place in specilal storage conditions with initial germination lower 75% not only. Seed storage under negative temperature is expedient for seeds with high initial germination only.

Keywords: Apiaceae, seeds, storage, ex situ, temperature

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