Spleen extract influence on cellular immunity indices in boar blood under stress

S. Grabovskyi1, O. Grabovska2

1 Lviv National University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnologies named after S. Z. Gzhytskyj
50, Pekarska St., Lviv 79010, Ukraine
2 Institute of Animal Biology NAAS of Ukraine
38, Stus St., Lviv 79034, Ukraine

The article is devoted to the researching of some specific immunity indices content in boars blood before slaughter after administration of animal origin immunomodulator. The spleen extract as the biologically active substances has been additionally entered to the boars feed at 5 days before slaughter. The relative amount of T- and B-lymphocytes and its some populations in the reaction of spontaneous rīsetting with the ram erythrocytes in the blood boars was determined. Thus, the differentiated count of rīsetting lymphocyte with the different functional activity degree was conducted. Aerosol administration of spleen extract to the boars feed leads to activation of the immune system in boars before slaughter: increases the relative amount of T-cell total, T-cell active and T-cell helpers, compared to control. T- and B-lymphocytes amount and functional activity T- and B-cell immunity was stimulated after additional supplementary to boars diet experimental natural origin immunomodulators. Spleen extract polyamines as the immunomodulators and antistressors most effectively influenced on some T- č B-cell immunity indices (less differentiated functionally T- and B-lymphocytes, T-cell total and certain T-cell helpers) in boars blood before slaughter. The results which obtained in experiment can be used on other farm animals for organism resistance increasing, correction and avoid their pre-slaughter stress.

Keywords: boars, pre-slaughter stress, spleen extract, T- and B-lymphocytes

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