Characteristic amplitude and latency evoked potentials of athletes

T. Shevchuk, T. Poruchynska, A. Poruchynskiy, A. Romaniuk

Eastern European National University of Lesya Ukrainka
9, Potapov St., Block ¹2 (C), Lutsk 43000, Ukraine

Study characteristics of amplitude and latency evoked potentials during stimulation of the visual system is not significant and meaningful incentives to athletes allowed to reveal the essence of brain mechanisms induced activity of the cerebral cortex in terms of information flow double «What» «Where». Athletes and team sports athletes were noted statistically significant differences in amplitude and latency evoked potentials cortex. During contemplation incentives in athletes playing sports, which were aimed at response to significant stimulus «What», it was observed statistically lower values of amplitude and statistically higher values of latency evoked potentials of the cerebral cortex, compared to athlete. Instead, in the contemplation of incentives for athletes in team sports significant stimulus «Where» amplitude characterized statistically higher values and latent period statistically lower values compared to athlete. The results are part of the development of fundamental ideas and shaping the physical, physiological and neurophysiological characteristics in the process of sports training and creation on their basis of new criteria for sports selection.

Keywords: amplitude, latency period, evoked potentials, athletes

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