Light oak forests in the northeast of Ukraine, particularity of their dynamics and question of their protection

S. Panchenko

National Nature Park “Desniansko-Starohutskiy”
62, Novgorod-Siverska St., Seredyna-Buda 41000, Ukraine

The article is dedicated to the study of landscape, floral, coenotic features of light oak forests and their dynamics in the northeast of Ukraine. These forests differ in not high canopy of trees, but high floral diversity and absence of expressed dominants. In modern conception of floral classification such associations in a region are related to the association Lathyro nigri-Quercetum roboris Bulokhov et Solomeshch 2003 from class Quercetea pubescenti-petreae Jakucs (1960) 1961 and similar to the Central European assotiation Potentillo albae–Quercetum Quercetum petraeae Libb. 1933 (Querco-Fagetea Br.-Bl. et Vlieger 1937). Forests that are formed after felling of native stands by natural and artificial way were also described. Indicated dates have the decline of specific diversity of such phytocoenoses. The features of light oak-forests modern dynamics were developed in this study too. The vertical profiles of tree and brushes layers of coenoses on the separate stages of dynamics are illustrated in original pictures. Even in the conditions of the protected territories for preservation of these forests the moderate use includes hayfiels or pastures. According to these facts is recommended to attribute the light oak forests to Green book of Ukraine.

Keywords: oak-forests, vegetation dynamic, rare communities, plants association, nature protection

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