Features of ontogeny of the plants of Kitaibelia vitifolia Willd. (Malvaceae) introduced in the south-east of Ukraine


Donetsk Botanical Garden NAS of Ukraine
8, Peremogy Sq., Kostyantynivka 85100, Ukraine

The paper presents data on ontogeny features of introduced Kitaibelia vitifolia Willd. in the south-east of Ukraine. To form full-value seeds, the study plant was seen to pass the main stages of ontogeny in its first year of growth (namely 3 ontogenetic periods inclusivng of 6 age stages, except for dry years). The main features of age states are described. The study present new data on morphological features observed in Kitaibelia vitifolia at different ontogeny stages under cultivation in the south-east of Ukraine, namely leaf shape and margin. Based on ontogeny studies of the samples grown at the Donetsk Botanical Garden of the NAS of Ukraine (DBG)  it was revealed 21 years ago that plant does not reach the phase of old generative individual until the end of the study period. These findings have implications for testing varieties of Kitaibelia vitifolia and also for defining the best growing techniques for this crop in the south-east of Ukraine.

Keywords: Kitaibelia vitifolia Willd., ontogeny, age stages, south-east of Ukraine

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