Polymorphism of intragenic microsatellite markers p3_VvAGL11 linked with (Vitis vinifera L.) grapes seedlessness trait

O. Karastan, N. Mulyukina, O. Papina, G. Plachinda

National Scientific Centre “Institute of Viticulture and Wine-making named after V.Ye. Tairov”
55/8, 40 let Pobedy St., Tairovo, Odessa Region 65496, Ukraine

Fifteen seedless and thirty seeded table, wine grape and rootstock varieties allelic composition of intragenic microsatellite loci đ3_VvAGL11 was identified and analyzed. 10 alleles were found out, including two ones previously unpublished and their frequencies were also calculated. The main diversity parameters of studied locus (PIC (He) – 0,743; Ho – 0,600; r – 0,082) revealed the level of polymorphism comparable to polymorphism indicators of other microsatellite loci which are used for grapes varieties discrimination. In genotypes of seedless varieties which derived from variety Sultanina and Kishmish chernyi the allele 198 b. p. linked with grapes seedlessness trait was defined. In some seeded and seedless varieties the second allelic variant 198 b. p., which is not related of seedlessness trait and leads to false positive results was found. By analyzing the cultivars origin such allelic variant possible sources (seeded varieties Chaouch blanc, Ichkimar, Katta kurgan, Vasarga chernaya and Concord) and its inheritance were shown.

Keywords: đ3_VvAGL11, seedlessness, grapes marker-assisted selection, V. vinifera L.

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