The value of “location indexes of surnames” in the study of the ukrainian population

M. Gorpynchenko, O. Utyevska, L. Atramentova

V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University
4, Svobody Sq., Kharkiv 61022, Ukraine

The coefficient of correlation between surnames and Y-chromosome haplogroups of Ukrainians is r=0,58. Strength of relationship between names and blood groups is described by a correlation coefficient r=0,60. The frequencies of surnames for all citizens of Ukraine were alculated (general list). The rare names for the certain regions are given. The surnames are ranked by the frequency, and each of them is assigned with the location index. The lists of twenty the most common surnames in each of the five regions (Eastern, Southern, Central, Northern and Western) and each of the 25 regions are compiled. The means for the location indexes of twenty the most common surnames (I20) in total, regional and provincial lists are calculated. The mean of the location indexes for twenty the most common surnames in Ukraine is 10,5. This indicator of a local population indicates the degree of its remoteness from the average Ukrainian population. The most “typical” one is the population of the Central region (I20 = 11), followed by Northern (I20 = 14), Southern (I20 = 15) regions, then Eastern (I20 = 24) and the farthest Western region (I20 = 37). The location index of the regions varies from I20 = 14 (Kyiv region) to I20 = 1238 ( Transcarpathian region).

Keywords: quasigenetic markers, population, location indexes of surnames

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