The size structure of Acer platanoidesí undergrowth in forests of Ukrainian Left Bank Polissya

V. Skliar

Sumy National Agrarian University
160, G. Kondratev St., Sumy 40021, Ukraine

Had been The size structure of Acer platanoidesí small, middle and large cohorts in phytocenoses of 12 groups of associations, which are typical for the Ukrainian Left Bank Polissya is characterized. It is shown that each cohort in a particular forest phytocenosis has their own specific features dimensional structure. For the detailed assessment of the size structure of the cohorts a special: index diversity of size structure (≤DSS) had been proposed and used. Basically the undergrowth cohorts do not have a high level of diversity of size structure: the value ≤DSS mostly does not exceed 20%. There was a trend to decrease in the diversity of the size structure as they grow older. This is due to the gradual withering away of the plants in the cohorts at each stage of natural regrowth and to the formation of an individuals with more distinct morphological adaptation to the ecological conditions of habitat.

Keywords: forest-forming species, natural regrowth of forest, undergrowth, morphometric analysis, Acer platanoides

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