Ecological and biogeochemical characteristics of the leaf litter fall of the artificial tree plantations at steppe in the industrial region

V. Savosko

Kryvyi Rih Educational Institute State Institution of Higher Education «Kryvyi Rih National University»
54, Gagarin Ave., Kryvyi Rih 50086, Ukraine

The artificial tree plantations at Kryvyi Rih mining ore region under steppe on a background of anthropogenic pollution produce from 50 to 210 g/m2 year-1 leaf litter (average 128.0+8.8 g/m2 year-1). Ecological-biogeochemical indicators of leaf litter of these plants is both typical (annual flow, ash content of substances) and original (Calcium and Magnesium concentration, as well as partially acidity of the aqueous extract). Between ecological and biogeochemical indicators of leaf litter and the characteristics of plants showed a statistically significant correlation. In most cases, this relationship is direct, low and medium power. Calculated by multi-regression equations show that the flow of leaf litter on 43,33–71,15%, and calcium content of the leaf litter on 40,97–50,45% dependent on botanical and ecological characteristics of trees.

Keywords: leaf litter fall, content of mineral elements, calcium, magnesium, pH, Kryvyi Rih ore mining region

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