Peculiarities of soft body colouring and incurrent siphon structure in Unionidae family species

L. Vasilieva, S. Shevchuk

Zhytomyr Ivan Franko State University
40, Velyka Berdychivska St., Zhytomyr 10008, Ukraine

Peculiarities of leg and sex products colouring in six species of Unionidae family from the fauna of Ukraine are established. In most U. tumidus specimens leg colouring is brightly flesh (74.1%), in one fourth – slightly yellowish. In U. pictorum brightly brown (64.4%) or dark-flesh leg pigmentation was registered. U. crassus specimens have flesh (54.3%) and orange colouring. In Anodonta cygnea leg pigmentation is orange (80%) or yellow. In A. anatina specimens flesh or brightly brown leg colouring happens almost equally often. P. complanata specimens are characterized with brown-orange (85%) or yellow leg pigmentation. The structure of Unionidae incurrent siphons is studied, indices for different species reliable discrimination according to incurrent siphons quantitative parameters are established. No differences in incurrent siphon structure (within one species) in mollusks belonging to different sex and age groups are registered. Leg and sex products colouring, peculiarities of Unionidae incurrent siphon structure – are specie specific parameters of soft body which can be used in species diagnostics in this family.

Keywords: Unionidae, soft body, incurrent siphon

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