Detection viral, bacterial and phytoplasma’s disease of grapes in south Ukraine

A. Konup, V. Chistyakov, L. Konup

National Science Center «Institute of Viticulture and Winemaking named after V. E. Tairov»
27, 40th anniversary of the Victory St., Odessa 65496, Ukraine

The object of research laboratory of virology and microbiology NSC “IVW n.a. V. Tairov” were viral pathogens, phytoplasma diseases of grapes, as well as the causative agent crown gall of grapes. The aim of the study was to identify, diagnose these diseases in industrial vineyards south of Ukraine. For the diagnosis of latent infection to disease developed and optimized PCR diagnostics. The study of plant Chardonnay has established the existence of latent infection of phytoplasma in samples as Ukrainian and foreign production. It was found that the latent virus in a grape planting material production is Moldova and Slovenia.

Keywords: viruses diseases of grape, phytoplasma, crown gall disease, Bois noir, PLR

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