Growth and carotenoids content of yeast Rhodosporidium diobavatum IMB Y-5023 in natural and synthetic media

Iu. Ielchishcheva*, └. Goltvianskiy

Research Institute of Biology, V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University
4, Svobody Sq., Kharkiv 61022, Ukraine

The growth peculiarities, biomass yield, carotenoids content and their qualitative composition of yeast R. diobovatum IMB Y-5023 in natural and synthetic media were studied. It was established that the natural nutrient media provide more intensive growth and higher biomass yield of R. diobovatum IMB Y-5023 as compared to synthetic nutrient medium. In all studied media R.ádiobovatum IMB Y-5023 culture entered stationary phase and extinction phase within 96 h and 120 h of cultivation, respectively. The highest content of total carotenoids was observed after 120 h of cultivation. Qualitative composition of yeast pigments after cultivation in in all studied media was similar and included β-carotene, astaxanthin and lycopene, whereas quantitative composition was significantly different. It was shown that in order to get the highest biomass and carotenoid yield in R. diobovatum IMB Y-5023 culture the cultivation duration should be at least 5 days.

Keywords: Rhodosporidium diobovatum IMB Y-5023, cultivation duration, biomass, carotenoids

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