Structural and functional parametres of the Leucojum vernum L. cenopopulations (Amaryllidaceae) in the different habitat types on the eastern boundary of the area (western regions of Ukraine)

. Doroshenko

Institute of Ecology of the Carpathians, NAS of Ukraine
4, Kozelnytska St., Lviv 79026, Ukraine

The results of the investigation of the main structural and functional parameters of the Leucojum vernum L. cenopopulations on the eastern boundary of its area are submitted. The data of the age structure, density, seed production, morphological parameters and vitality in the different types of habitats are received. The best conditions for the cenopopulations development established in the alluvial oak forests and hornbeam forests habitats, the worst in the hydrophilous tall herb fringe communities. The age structure is diverse. The investigated morphological parameters of generative individuals (sprout length, axil length, length and width of the shortest and longest leaf, peduncle and bractal leaf length, length and width of bulb) have a low level of variability. Parameters of the seed production differ and depend on the specific habitat conditions, but the ability of species to intensive vegetative reproduction reduces the threat of extinction of its populations. The actual and potential seed production have a medium level of variability. Most populations are on prosperous vitality structure type. It is suggested that L. vernum is the species of habitat conservation, because there is no negative dynamics in its populations.

Keywords: ephemeroids, cenopopulation, habitat, Leucojum vernum, Red data Book of Ukraine

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