Association of single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) rs 2235186 of gene MAO-A with the level of agression and empathy among residents of the city Kharkiv

K. Luchko

V.N.Karazin National University of Kharkiv
4, Svobody Sq., Kharkiv 61022, Ukraine

One hundred married couples residents of Kharkiv have been tested for the level of aggression (Assingers test) and empathy (MehrabianEpstein test) and undergone genetic typing by SNPrs2235186-linked gene of monoamine oxidase -, a substitute for /. In men, the average values of the aggression index are higher, and the empathy index is lower than in women.Ѡ(=0,58) is the major allele in Kharkov population. Its frequency in the sample of women is 0,56, in the sample of men 0,61. In men with genotype , the average level of aggression is x=36,5 points (CI=35,837,2), for genotype the value is higher x=39,9 points (CI=39,340,5). By the level of empathy, men with genotype (x=6,0 (CI=5,56,5)) dominate over men with genotype (x=4,3 points). In homozygous women, the average indices of aggression are: with genotype Ѡ 34,8 points (CI=33,935,7), with genotype Ҡ 38,8 points (CI=37,640,0). For the level of empathy, these values are:Ѡ 6,4 points (CI=5,87,0),Ҡ 5,6 (CI=4,86,4). In heterozygous women (), these indices have an intermediate value: the average level of aggression is 36,7 points (CI=36,037,4), that of empathy 5,3 points (CI=4,85,8). There is positive marital assortativity for the said genotypes, expressed by more frequent representation of ×Ѡand× couples, and scarcer representation of ×Ҡand×Ѡcouples than with panmixia.

Keywords: marital structure, aggression, empathy, correlation, SNP rs2235186 -

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