The histological pattern of skeletal muscles on the background simulation the excess of melatonin in combination with various kinds of stress

M. Hilmutdinova

Sukhomlinsky National University of Mykolaiv
24, Nikolska St., Mykolaiv 54030, Ukraine

The article deals with the histological changes in the structure of skeletal muscles (for example quadriceps musculus) in the background of modeling conditions of excess melatonin in combination with various types of high stress (immobilization stress, excessive exercise). A variety of changes modes of propulsion are significant stressors that can cause a variety of changes in the body. The studies revealed that when modeling conditions of excess melatonin histological picture of the investigated tissue demonstrates the incompleteness of the formation of composite tissue structures. Simulation of conditions of immobilization stress leads to muscle strain, which histologically looks like a kind of «splitting» the cross bridges of the muscle fibers while maintaining their original configuration. In the simulation conditions of excessive physical exertion recorded a typical pattern of tissue hypoxia, resulting in progressive muscle fiber achromasia. When modeling conditions of excess melatonin in combination with conditions of immobilization stress and excessive exercise, it was noted seal muscle bundles of order 2, and the characteristic roundness of the cross section and achromasia of muscle fibers.

Keywords: skeletal muscle, immobilization stress, excessive physical activity, melatonin

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