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Papers on current problems in biophysics, biochemistry, genetics, microbiology, zoology, human and animal physiology, plant physiology are published in the Visnyk. The papers are accepted from scientific staff, Ph. D. candidates and Bachelors.

Editor-in-Chief: V.O. Fedorenko, D.S., Prof. +38(032)239-47-68
Deputy Editor-in-Chief: V.V. Manko, D.S., Prof. +38(032)239-47-86
Executive Editor-in-Chief: N.L. Tsymbalyuk +38(032)239-47-86

Editorial board:

  • G.L. Antonyak, D.S., Prof.
  • A.M.Babsky, D.S., Prof.
  • S.O. Volgin, D.S., Prof.
  • M.Z. Vatamanyuk, Ph.D., Prof.
  • O.K. Vatamanyuk, Ph.D., Prof.
  • O.V. Holovachov, Ph.D., Prof.
  • M.M. Doliba, D.S., Prof.
  • S.P. Hudz', Ph.D., Prof.
  • I.S.Khamar, Ph.D., Prof.
  • М.P. Kozlovskiy, D.S.
  • A.M. Luzhetskiy, Ph.D., Prof.
  • Z.I. Mamchur, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof.
  • I.R. Medina, Ph.D., Prof.
  • B.O. Ostash, D.S.
  • N.O. Sybirna, D.S., Prof.
  • D.I. Sanahurskyy, D.S., Prof.
  • S.O. Gnatush, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof.
  • R.S. Stoika, member of NAS, D.S., Prof.
  • L.О. Tasenkevich, D.S., Prof.
  • O.I. Terek, D.S., Prof.
  • N.V. Fedirko, D.S., Prof.
  • J.V. Tsaryk, D.S., Prof.
  • Yu.M. Chornobuy, D.S., Prof.
The journal is published according to decision of Scientific Council of Ivan Franko University of L'viv. ISSN 0206-5657 (Print)
ISSN 2075-5236 (Online)
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