Instructions to authors

A. General information

  1. Original scientific papers in all areas of biology are accepted for publishing in "Bulletin of L'viv University. Biological Issue".

  2. One should attach to manuscript i. an official letter from the institution where authors of paper work ii. letter with conclusion of expert commission about possibility to publish results presented in manuscript iii. Full address (with phone, fax, e-mail) of one of the authors for correspondence.

  3. Total length of manuscript (including tables, figures, reference list and abstracts) should not exceed 12 pages (page format -A4, 2cm. margins on all 4 edges ). Articles of review - up to 25 pages. Electronic version of article - up to 1MB.

  4. Paper can be written in Ukrainian or English. It should be submitted to Editorial board in electronic version on 3.5" diskette and also in two printed versions. Paper pages should be numbered from the first page to last one with pencil at the bottom right edge.

  5. Typewrite text using phont Times New Roman (for Word 97 or 2000) and Times New Roman Cyr. (for Word 6 or 7), 12pt, interval 1.5.

B. Guidelines for manuscript preparation.

The cover page should provide the following in descended order:

  1. Title (typewritten in bold capitals at the center of the page).

  2. Initial(s) and surnames of the authors (typewritten in bold lower case letters).

  3. Complete names and addresses of institutions (with e-mail if available) where authors of paper are working. (typewritten in lower case italics). If authors work in different institutions, addresses of all institutions should be listed. After names of authors and addresses of institutions where they work the same superscript should be placed (e.g. *, ** etc.).

  4. Abstract (typewritten in Ukrainian for paper written in Ukrainian and placed below institutions addresses, English version of abstract should be at the end of the paper, after reference list; for English paper - vice versa.). English and Ukrainian versions of abstract should coincide in their content, total length of each should not exceed 10 rows.

  5. Key words (4 -7)



    I. Fomenko*, O.Vozna*, L. Kalachnyuk**, G. Kalachnyuk*

    *Biotechnology Research Institute of Animal Productivity S.Z.
    Gzhytskyj L'viv State Academy of Veterynary Medicine,
    Pekarska st. 50, L'viv 79010, Ukraine
    **Institute of molecular biology and genetic,
    Zabolotnogo st. 150, Kyiv 143, Ukraine,

        Ammonia excess in a pregnant cow's organism has an influence upon metabolic processes in fetus. Ammonia utilization in digestive tract under the condition of energy deficiency takes place in a way of intensifying reactions of glucose-alanine cycle. Adding natural sorbent significantly decreases this process.

        Keywords: mucous membrane, fetus, ammonia, aminotransferases, rumen metabolism.

    Tables (created in Word or Excel) should be titled, placed and referred in text. If the paper contains two or more tables, they should be numbered consecutively using Arabic numerals. All digital data mentioned in the table should be followed with respective units of measurement (in abbreviated form). Columns and rows within table should not be separated with lines (except of the table header). Text size in table should 10pt.


    Table 1

    - (/; ̱m; n=5)

    Figures should be on separate page, in duplicate, drew with black ink and numbered in order they are mentioned in text. They also should be submitted as separate files (formats bmp., gif., tif., jpg., cdr., version 9 or lower). Maximal size of figures should not exceed 10 17cm. Photograph are printed if necessary. They should be high-quality, sharp glossy prints, 6 9cm in size ; brown or grainy prints will be rejected. Text size on photograph should be 10pt.


    .2. . - ; 1 - ; 2 - ; 3 - -2; 4 -

    Formulas, terms, units of measurement. Formulas presented in text should be edited usjng Microsoft Equation. Only conventional scientific terms should be used in paper. Abbreviated units of measurement should be according to transcription of international units system.

    References in the text are made using numerals in brackets, e.g., [1], [2, 3-7]. Reference list should be after paper text; References are listed in alphabetical order (papers written in Cyrillic are listed in first turn). References with four or fewer authors should include all names; references with more authors should be limited to the first three names and et al. References should follow the following format:

    • Monographs.
      Vasylenko M.V. Probability theory:Manual. K.: Vyshcha shkola, 1992. 430p.

    • Books.
      Strohl, W. R.; Dickens, M. L.; Rajgarhia, V. B.; Woo, A.; Priestly, N. D. In Biotechnology of Industrial Antibiotics; Strohl, W. R., Ed.;Marcel-Dekker: New York, 1997.

    • Papers.
      Luzhetskyy A.M., Ostash B.O., Fedorenko V.O. Intergeneric conjugation Escherichia coli - Streptomyces globisporus 1912 using integrative plasmid pSET152 and its derivatives // Genetica (Rus.).2001. V.37.N.9.P.1340-1347.

    • Theses
      Pankevych K., Demydchuk J., Luzhetskyy A. et. al. Pathway alignment and analysis of the landomycin E biosynthetic gene cluster from Streptomyces globisporus 1912// Dresden, VAAM-Workshop " Biologie der Actinomyceten" - Theses - 1999-26-28 September. -P.: V18.

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