Fihel Iryna

Family Name: Fihel
Given Name: Iryna
Education: Ivan Franko State Pegagogical University of Drohobych (2004-2008)
Ivan Franko National University of Lviv (2008-2009)
Master Thesis: "λ-extensions of semigroups"
defended in 2009 under supervising of O.Gutik
Post-graduate studies: Ivan Franko National University of Lviv (2009-2012)
Conference Reports:
  1. O. V. Gutik, and I. Fihel, On embedings of topological semigroups into idempotent-generated semigroups, Pidstryhach Conference 2010, May 25-26, 2010, Lviv
  2. I.Fihel, and O. Gutik, On a topological semigroup CZ, 8th Summer School "Algebra, Analysis, Topology and Applications", Lazurne, Kherson Region, July 5-15, 2011. Book of Abtracts. Kherson, 2011, P. 13-14.
  1. O.Gutik, and I. Fihel, Embedding topological semigroups into idempotent generated topological semigroups, Visnyk Lviv Univ. Ser. Mech. Math. 75 (2011), 106-114 (in Ukrainian).
  2. I.Fihel, and O. Gutik, On the closure of the extended bicyclic semigroup, Carpathian Mathematical Publications 3 (2011), no. 2, 131-157.
  3. I.Fihel, O. Gutik, and K. Pavlyk, On a topological simple Warne extension of a semigroup, Preprint.
Scientific interests: General topology, topological algebra, theory of semigroups