Scientific Seminar
at Geometry and Topology Department of
Ivan Franko National University of Lviv
Archive for (2005/06) academic year


Date: Speaker:       Title (click on the title to see the Abstract):
24.05.06. H.Mildenberger
On cardinal characteristics of the reals.
22.05.06. R.Cauty
Homologic algebra and generalization of Borsuk-Ulam Theorem.
06.03.06. O.Shukel'
Hypersymmetric powers and asymptotically zero-dimesional spaces.
27.02.06. T.Banakh
20.02.06. N.Lyaskovska
Weakly P-small not P-small subsets in a group.
13.02.06. T.Banakh, M.Zarichnyi
28.11.05. T.Banakh
Division and k-th Root Theorems for the Hilbert cube.
14.11.05. T.Banakh
An answer to Maslyuchenko's question.
07.11.05. I.Stasyuk
On operators extending partial ultrametrics.
24.10.05. T.Banakh
Subproper maps and k*-spaces.
03.10.05. N.Lyaskovska
Weakly P-small not P-small subsets in an Abelian group.
26.09.05. R.Kozhan
Open-multicommutativity of the probability measure functor.
19.09.05. Т.Banakh
Scheepers' diagram and a question of Zdomskyy.
12.09.05. T.Banakh
An answer to a question of Plicko about the cardinality of Hamel basis.