A topologist is one who doesn't know the difference between a doughnut and a coffee cup.
                                              (John Kelley)
List of Publications

V. Brydun N.Pyrch T.Radul N.Mazurenko I.Stasyuk L.Plakhta K. Koporkh N. Lyaskovska I. Zarichnyi T. Banakh M. Zarichnyi O. Shabat

Doctors of Philosophy:

Leonid Plakhta Homologies of Finite Degree Functors Preserving Manifolds and Simple Homotopical Type (1990)
Taras Banakh Strong Universality in Locally-Convex Spaces and Bundles of Infinite-Dimensional Manifolds (1993)
Oleg NykyforchynProbability Measures, Measurable Maps and Convexity: Categorial Properties (1996)
Eugen Pentsak Countable Direct Limits of Non-Locally Compact Absolute Extensors and Strong Universality (1997)
Andrii TeleikoTopologo-Algebraical Structures in Categorial Topology of Compact Spaces (1998)
Oleksandra Tkach
Functional Spaces Homeomorphic to Model Spaces of Infinite-Dimensional Topology (1998)
Viktoria Levytska (1999)
Natalia Mazurenko Absorbing Systems in Hyperspaces Related to the Hausdorff Dimension (2006)
Nazar Pyrch (2007)
Ihor StasyukExtending Metric Structures (2007)

Ph.D. students:

Oryslava Shabat
Victoria Brydun
Oksana Shukel
Kateryna Koporkh


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