Section of Topology

Organizers: T.O.Banakh, M.M.Zarichnyi, V.K.Maslyuchenko.

Monday, September 17
1500–1540 P.Krupski, Dimension of the hyperspace of continua
1545–1610 D.Sobota, Fibers of a generic map from a surface into the unit interval
1615–1640 M.Krupski, Fibers of a generic map from a surface into the unit interval
1640–1700 Cofee Break
1700–1720 W.Stadnicki, Wallman representations of hyperspaces
1725–1740 L.Karchevska, On openness of the functors of k-Lipschitz functionals
1745–1800 H.Albayrak, S.Pehlivan, On the sets of filter cluster and limit functions
1805–1820 M.Martynenko, On skeletally factorizable compacta

Thuesday, September 18
1500–1540 A.Zastrow, A combinatorial description of the fundamental group of the Menger cube
1545–1610 A.Prishlyak, Homotopy of functions and vector fields on 2-disk
1615–1640 S.Maksymenko, Deformations of functions on surfaces
1640–1700 Cofee Break
1700–1720 L.Bazylevych, M.Zarichnyi, Infinite-dimensional hyperspaces of convex bodies of constant width
1725–1740 V.Bilet, O.Dovgoshey, Total boundedness of pretangent spaces
1745–1800 S.Pokasí, L.Tsekhmeystruk, Induced maps and geodesic curves of Riemannian spaces of the second approximation
1805–1820 K. Koporh, The space of open subsets of the Cantor set
1825–1840 T.Banakh, Ya.Prytula, Sala Weinlös and her Doctoral Thesis on the Hilbert axiomatization of Geometry

Wednesday, September 19
1500–1540 K.Kozlov, Correspondences between lattices of mappings on acting groups and phase spaces
1545–1610 T.Radul, Binary convexities and monads
1615–1640 S.Plewik, Banach and types of dimension in the sense of M. Fréchet
1640–1700 Cofee Break
1700–1720 A.Kucharski, Sz.Plewik, Game characterization of skeletally Dugundji spaces
1725–1740 D.Dordovsky, O.Dovgoshey, Diametrical pairs of points in ultrametric spaces
1745–1800 E.Petrov, O.Dovgoshey, Pseudoultrametrics on graphs
1805–1820 Z.Kosztołowicz, T.Banakh, S.Turek, Each metrizable space possesses a binary k-network
1825–1840 N.Novosad, T.Banakh, Fractals of multi-valued dynamical systems

Thursday, September 20
1500–1540 O.Maslyuchenko, On linearly nowhere dense sets
1545–1610 B.Bokalo, N.Kolos, On some properties of spaces of scatteredly continuous maps
1615–1640 O. Savchenko, Extension of functors in the category of fuzzy metric spaces
1640–1700 Cofee Break
1700–1720 O. Sobchuk, O.Karlova, V.Mykhaylyuk, Diagonals of CL-functions
1725–1740 V.Nesterenko, Characterisation of jointly quasicontinuous multifunctions
1745–1800 O.Karlova, On functions with connected graphs and B1-retracts
1805–1820 O. Myronyk, V.Maslyuchenko, The Bing plane and its development

Friday, September 21
1500–1540 A.Kirtadze, Non-separable extensions of invariant measures and the uniqueness property
1545–1610 A.Kipiani, An equivalent of Continuum Hypothesis in terms of rigid trees
1615–1640 S.Turek, T.Banakh, Z.Kosztołowicz, Hereditarily supercompact spaces
1640–1700 Cofee Break
1700–1720 J. Jureczko, Strong sequences and independent sets
1725–1740 S. Żeberski, T.Banakh, M.Morayne, R.Rałowski, Topologically invariant s-ideals on Euclidean spaces
1745–1800 R. Rałowski, T.Banakh, M.Morayne, S. Żeberski, Cardinal coefficients for topologically invariant sigma-ideals
1805–1820 O.Chervak, T.Banakh, L.Zdomskyy, Higson Corona under different set-theoretic assumptions
1825–1840 O. Potyatynyk, Spaces of real places of fields of rational and algebraic functions and their graphoids